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The concept of the WikiWord comes from the original WikiWikiWeb. The idea was to make it quick to create new pages and to automatically create links to them. Thus Ward Cunningham came up with the idea of a word beginning with a capital letter and including at least one more capital letter as something that is both the name of a page and the text of a link pointing to it. With modern Wiki's it has gradually fallen out of favour. For example on this site we can define links via [[Link Name]] which points to a page called Link Name, and the standard Markdown syntax [Link Name](http://hello.com/path/to).

This wiki supports WikiWord's and, for the time being, they are enabled by default. ACRONYMS and other ALLCAPS abbreviations are not treated as WikiWord's (that is, the definition of a WikiWord here is a word beginning with a capital, containing at least one more capital, and containing at least one lowercase letter).