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Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl-h shows you the assigned shortcuts.

for example Ctrl-G opens a box where you can type a page name.

If you see a superscript bracketed letter or number like this[l] then you can press that letter to follow link. (I am very keyboard-centric, so take any opportunity I can to avoid using the mouse.)

In the goto box, Ctrl-E toggles open-in-edit mode, and Ctrl-D toggles open-in-new-tab.


To search by word, use


to find pages containing the word 'something'. If you want to confine the search to a subdirectory, do


and this will find matching files in that subdirectory only.

Recent files you do .r instead of .w. For example


to show recently changed files in /path/to. This is useful for taking notes as I can dump things anywhere and find them later.

The search index is created by a python script run once per hour as a cron job. So the search results aren't quite up to date. In the case of very recently modified files (that is, before the last reindex), it is shown as 'very recent'.